lou reed

this is my interpretation of velvet underground's lou reed

38man pen

i did this for a workmate of mine for x'mas 2011, named "38man pen"
"38" for malaysian-chinese means "silly+stupid+funny" just like me, hehehe

I'm beautiful, bitch

this is an old doodle of mine, i like myself draw stupid things! :)

more to come

more works coming soon! =)


so coincidently, i have brought my light play to another level! ❤ (view stage 1 here)
wow! im happy and excited to do more! (but i needa finish my office-works 1st =P )


a pop-up + montage book made especially for Edmund Choe, as a farewell gift. 2008

more images coming soon =P

just light friends

I always love love love to "make fun" with the things around me. 
These poor lil' light bulbs were abandoned after xmas, so i decided to give the some expressions 
to show how angry/upset/gloomy/helpless they are when they being abandoned!

being xx

i always think that i have many me inside me, they all have different characteristic and they always fight with each others, 
then the one who win in the fight, can lead the big me.. =P
this illus is based on this thought and also inspired by 'being john malkovich' cos i love the movie poster a lot.

mac菇 (eng:MacMushroom)

when i just started worked in this company, they gave me this iMac G5, we know Mac always grow "old" very fast, 
so everytime when i need to save my working files, esp. illustrator, it will take ages! pfff
for chinese, when we waiting for very long, we will said "we are growing mushrooms(on our surface)"
..so this is the story how i have all this mushrooms growing on my imac =D
they actually look very nice on the imac, and imac is actually one of my favourite mac product bacause its white! 


as an artist/designer, pens are always my best companion, thus i always love love love to "make fun" with them, 
a lot of time i will make their caps become nice hats, in this case, i use clear tape/cellophane tape to dress them, 
i make little monster face to make them "happy monster pens". and i will become happy monsters mode everytime i use them =D

mighty mouthy

degree show @ BIAD, UK

toilet-roll creature

Collaboration @ IKON gallery, UK

sleep walkers

some illustrations (for my boring desktop wall)

i love doing children illustrations, cos i love children, they show real happy faces, and they makes me happy =)